How do I hire you?

We are available all year long and there are 3 ways to contact us but only one way that we formalize a client’s request to hire us. The first and most typical way is to find us on the Internet with your browser inquiry “hire Santa Claus in Minneapolis [St Paul, Twin Cities, etc]”. That will bring you to this website where you can fill out your request info on the Contact Us page. The second way is to send your request to hire us by email using The third is by sending your request by phone call or text to 952 210 9232. In all 3 cases we will discuss your needs, availability, pricing, etc. Once we have agreed to go ahead with hiring us, I will send a booking agreement to you by email with specific info about the booking. Once the conditions and info in the email are completed, agreed to by you, and returned to me we are committed with the hiring process and you are formally booked.