Child Daycare Parties

Santa Carlucci and Jenny Claus’ children’s gift giving daycare visit is usually very simple but can be customized by the caregiver. A typical daycare visit is 1 hour and can accommodate up to 12 children, more than that reduces the ‘showtime’ portion of the visit. Anything over 15 children requires more than an hour and we will discuss this as needed.

The daycare visit consists of 4 basic sections: Intro meet and greet, showtime, gift giving, and photo taking. Santa will discuss the visit with you making sure you understand what your visit will be like. He will explain what he will do and what you need to do to make the visit extra special. Since different age groups have specific entertainment needs, Santa and Mrs Claus will work with the caregiver to meet those needs.
The use of props such as the baby reindeer bell collar, the magic whistle for calling the reindeer, the reindeer training harness, reindeer flying dust, phone calls on the Santa Sleigh phone, balloon antlers, and the famous Naughty and Nice List are all included in the base price of the visit and used based on time allowed. He will also describe optional add on services like the real reindeer sleigh rides, Santa’s Festive Chair, Mrs Claus crafts, exotic petting zoo, or facepainters as your needs apply.

Show time is variable and different for each visit and is always entertaining for all. This is the time when Santa and Mrs Claus tell stories, show a slideshow, or have an interactive fun time with all the children and guests. Past shows have been centered on world wide traditions of Christmas, children’s toys then and now, where did we get the symbols of Christmas, elves and how they help with Nice and Naughty entries, and even pictures of baby reindeer from the North Pole.

Gift giving is always the highlight of the visit. Given by the parents or caregiver, picked up by Santa before the party starts, a single gift per child is typical. But before handing out gifts Santa can check his Naughty and Nice list to see if all the children have been good. This is always the highlight of the visit and the distinguishing trademark of Santa Carlucci. Then it’s time for each child to pick up a gift, tell Santa their favorite gift for under the tree, a photo with Santa and Mrs and let the opening of gifts begin!

When all the gifts are opened, Santa and Mrs Claus will stay for family pictures and then we are off to the next family.

We will usually speak about the visit initially on the phone to get a basic overview of what your needs are and what our needs are. When we agree on the basics I follow up with a booking agreement by email that has details about the visit. You fill in the necessary info, agree to the terms of the agreement and return it to me by email. I send you back an agreement notice and the formal booking time slot assignment is made. No bookings are done verbally. Depending on the visit, a 50% deposit may be required. Invoicing through PayPal is available. Payment in cash, approved company check, or credit card through PayPal are the only forms of payment accepted.