Hotel / Store / Restaurant / Mall Events

Santa Carlucci and Jenny Claus’ Hotel / Store / Restaurant / Mall events visit is usually a simple meet and photo with Santa and Mrs Claus but can be customized by the provider. A typical visit is 2 hours and can accommodate up to 25 photos per hour based on the entertainment required and expectations of the facility.

The events are usually produced the same with the result being an easy way for walk in clients’ children to have a brief visit with Santa and Mrs Claus, take a photo, and possibly get a small gift as they leave. Usually I provide face painters, balloonists, photographers, and reindeer rides or petting zoos.

Santa Carlucci has been doing this type of photo event since 1993 so he knows how to get a nice shot and will work with the photographer or even mom and dad to get the best photo possible in as short a time as possible. Using various props as diversions, Santa incorporates numerous items from the North Pole to encourage the child to talk, be comfortable, and excited to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. Santa always tries to capture this excitement in the photo. And don’t overlook those candid shots; the back of child with Santa’s animated face as the focal point of the photo, the hug from Mrs. Claus, the wow on the child’s lips as Santa shows them reindeer flying dust!

Based on the venue, the setting and photographer are just as important as Santa. A festive Christmas setting brings Santa’s character to life and goes a long way to making the brief visit appealing. A strong bench or sitting area for Santa, Mrs Claus and the children centered on a festive backdrop will give you the best photo results. The photographer, if available, will be the one that is going to keep the line moving and will be the real talent you need to make the clients happy. A small gift, cookie, candy, toy, or store giveaway is always a nice touch to finish the visit.

A note about the end of the visit. The difficult time is when Santa and the other entertainers are supposed to leave for the next visit. Santa and the other entertainers don’t allow time in our schedule for delays so when it is 15 minutes to the end of the visit, we will notify everyone that there is only 15 minutes left and each entertainer will determine how many children they can service. I know how bad it looks for Santa to leave when children are in line, so I recommend that you post the time of the event available 15 minutes less than the actual ending time. This gives you the ability to have Santa’s photo with that last client and no one coming at the last second for a picture that can’t happen. Santa and his entertainment will be firm about leaving on time and will rely on the facility to police the client waiting line.

We will usually speak about the visit initially on the phone to get a basic overview of what your needs are and what our needs are. When we agree on the basics I follow up with a booking agreement by email that has details about the visit. You fill in the necessary info, agree to the terms of the agreement and return it to me by email. I send you back an agreement notice and the formal booking time slot assignment is made. No bookings are done verbally. Depending on the visit, a 50% deposit may be required. Invoicing through PayPal is available. Payment in cash, approved company check, or credit card through PayPal are the only forms of payment accepted.