Meet and Greet / Master of Ceremonies for your special occasion like Birthday, Anniversary, Promotion, Retirement, Wedding, Business Kickoff

Santa Carlucci and Jenny Claus are in our element when it comes to this general entertainer or MC since we are so adaptable in creating a fun atmosphere at any special event or occasion. We have been the MC at a major fundraiser, delivered gifts and provided reindeer rides to guests at a wedding, been part of the entertainment to over a 1000 adults at a Christmas business kick off, surprised loved ones at a birthday, been a speaker for a retired teacher, and given out bonus checks at a CEO’s home at Christmas. From this list we hope you can see that any type of occasion can be made just that more special by having Santa and Mrs Claus as part of the entertainment.

Mingling with guests, Santa and Mrs Claus have lots of options to keep the party going. Santa and Mrs Claus will work with the party planner to bring all the logistics and expectations of the client to the party. Santa’s Naughty and Nice Scanner App on his phone combined with the North Pole Communicator or the Christmas Tree Toss game always is a party favorite. Adult humor, classic North Pole anecdotes, and updated communications from the North Pole about employees are always fun ways of enjoying the party environment while mingling with the party goers. Santa will also describe optional add on services like a real reindeer sleigh rides, piano and singers, balloon and face artists, Mrs Claus crafts, exotic baby animal petting zoo as your needs apply.

Gift giving is as varied as the party type. Children gift bags are popular with large groups. Adult gifts can be as simple as gift cards or bottles of fine wine, money or checks, bonus checks, or the salesman of the year trophy. But Santa likes to incorporate at least a gander into the Naughty and Nice list for each person before hand to see if the person deserves the gift. This is always the highlight of the party since it becomes an exposing look at the person and can be quite alluring or uncomfortable based on what Santa has in his book. Let Santa know about the gifts so he can accommodate the appropriate gift giving ceremonial monologue. Gift giving usually is photo taking time with each gift recipient

Once gifts are handed out and opened, Santa and Mrs Claus will stay for friend and family pictures and then we are off to the next family.

We will usually speak about the event initially on the phone to get a basic overview of what your needs are and what our needs are. When we agree on the basics I follow up with a booking agreement by email that has details about the visit. You fill in the necessary info, agree to the terms of the agreement and return it to me by email. I send you back an agreement notice and the formal booking time slot assignment is made. No bookings are done verbally. Depending on the visit, a 50% deposit may be required. Payment in cash or credit card through PayPal are the only forms of payment accepted.