Private Photo Sessions

Santa Carlucci and Jenny Claus’ private photo sessions can be the best investment you can make during the holiday season. The wasted time, money, and overall quality of your seasonal pictures with Santa can easily justify going with a professional photo studio. If you want the luxury of dedicated time, professional model and photographer, and the added use of technology to bring your once a year Christmas photo experience to fruition then this is the service you want.

Whether you are photographer, a client that has his own photographer or need a referral, Santa Carlucci and Cheryl Claus will be the best models for those once a year photos that mean so much to you and yours. We have unique North Pole props and know how to use them to create that memorable one of kind image that says ”magical “.

As is customary, the photos you or your photographer take are yours and can be used / sold to the client for their own personal use. However, we will always need a model release that states that our images will never be sold or used in any form that will disgrace, degrade, or in any way defame us or the character of Santa Claus and Mrs Claus. Low resolution images are typically provided to us for our own self promotion and will include the copyright of the photographer in any promotional literature or media outlet.

We will usually speak about this opportunity on the phone to get a basic overview of what your needs are and what our needs are. When we agree on the basics I follow up with a booking agreement by email that has details about the visit. You fill in the necessary info, agree to the terms of the agreement and return it to me by email. I send you back an agreement notice and the formal booking time slot assignment is made. No bookings are done verbally. Depending on the visit, a 50% deposit may be required. Invoicing through PayPal is available. Payment in cash, approved company check, or credit card through PayPal are the only forms of payment accepted.