Santa’s Secret Visit

Christmas eve is always that special night of the year. Santa’s Secret Visit can make this Christmas eve, THE CHRISTMAS EVE! Now you can have the children catch Santa in the process of putting gifts under the tree and have a short Secret Visit with Santa!

Here’s how the Secret visit works. The children and parents will go to sleep early. Santa will arrive with gifts. The parents awake and start quietly and secretly capturing Santa on video as he is putting gifts under the tree, eating cookies, and looking at the crafts the children have left to show Santa. Since Santa doesn’t hear you, you quietly wake the children, have them sneak over to see what Santa is doing. Santa hears a noise, looks and sees the children and all the giggling and laughter starts! Santa calls the children over and he has a quick visit, maybe opening one present, but then it’s back to bed and Santa is off to the next house.

It’s a once in a lifetime visit, usually captured on video by the parents or even a third person like a older sibling or family member using a fixed video camera in a corner to capture the whole experience and all the family. Since it is on Christmas eve, limited times are available so book early.

We will usually speak about this opportunity on the phone to get a basic overview of what your needs are and what our needs are. When we agree on the basics I follow up with a booking agreement by email that has details about the visit. You fill in the necessary info, agree to the terms of the agreement and return it to me by email. I send you back an agreement notice and the formal booking time slot assignment is made. No bookings are done verbally. Depending on the visit, a 50% deposit may be required. Invoicing through PayPal is available. Payment in cash, approved company check, or credit card through PayPal are the only forms of payment accepted.