TV / Radio / Media Interviews

Santa Carlucci and Jenny Claus are very popular in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul MN and as such have been interviewed on TV, Radio, Podcasts, Blogs, Magazines, Newspapers, and even the subject of college journalist’s thesis.

We make ourselves available to the media based on each individual need and have provided answers to as many varied questions as you can imagine. The interesting part of interviews is that the interviewer finds out things they never would have thought about and it sometimes requires double or triple the time the interviewer has allocated. In every case, the interviewer is always walking away with much more information than they thought they would get and usually a totally different idea of what it takes to be this lovable character of Santa Claus.

Interviews are the lowest on our priority list of things to do, but, we understand timing of events, story lines, and procrastination is the nature of the beast when it comes to a media based inquiry. We will do what we can to accommodate your requests for interviews.