Volunteering at Charities and Non-Profit Fundraisers

Santa Carlucci and Jenny Claus’ volunteering for charities and fundraisers can be a host of various ways of us to reach out to the community and share our capabilities to bring monies and other needed resources to the needy. We have been blessed with this natural look and, more important, heart of Santa Claus and with that, the purpose to be givers and show the world what love and strength there is in giving.

Whether it’s taking photos with contributors, meeting and greeting with CEOs and dignitaries, mingling with health workers, delivering a donated car to a battered woman, cheering on fundraiser race participants, being a radio or TV spokesman, being the fundraiser’s Master of Ceremonies for a hospital wing, responding to telephone contributors, helping fill of bus full of Toys for Tots, or simply ringing a bell for 160 hours during December, Santa and Mrs Claus find this part of our year as very rewarding.

We do everything we can to give back at least 10% of our time to Minnesota charitable organizations in the hope that our service will make a difference to the many that need it. Since 1993, Santa Carlucci has made a point of willingly giving his time to less fortunate and needy and will visit them as time allows at no charge. He continues to freely give his time to the sick and challenged children that don’t have the means to see the mall Santas. He has been a dedicated bell ringer for the Salvation Army for his entire career as Santa.

If you are 501C Charity or Non¬ Profit organization that thinks my presence will positively influence your organization’s ability to hit your goal, contact me and I will do what I can (I can’t make promises) to make that goal with you.